Is Matching Still Important?

Is Matching Still Considered Important? Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Nail Polish: Should they all match?

Ok, here is the thing when it comes to the whole matching thing. It’s dated. It’s not about making sure that your shoes and handbag or accessories are a set, it’s about these pieces being complementary. Maybe they are two variations of the same color. Or two colors and or fabrication that look great together. Accessories are about making a statement. They are that extra pop that pulls that whole look together.

Let me break it down for a minute:
Matching handbag and shoes… with all the amazing options out there, who has the time or money to make sure they have a matching set for each outfit. Shoes and handbags are accent pieces intended to COMPLEMENT your look. Let’s say you are wearing a outfit that consists mainly of black and gray. You pull on your favorite black boots; bring it back to that great plum suede bag you may have splurged on for fall. The color of the bag is the pop for the entire outfit. To make things easier start with the shoes. Make sure that works with your outfit then layer on the bag.
For accessories…again think complementary. Your necklace, earrings, and bracelet, do not need to come in a combo pack. Accessories are a great way to have a little more fun with your look. You can dress up almost any basic item with a bold necklace. If doing that then maybe wear more subtle earrings. To make things a little easier stick with same color of metal like all gold or silver.

As far as matching nail polish, yes, it is a safe approach to match. However, nail polish is also an accessory to complete your look. It can be another statement piece. Again, think complimentary colors. Playing with colors can be a great alternative to some of the wilder forms of nail art that is out there right now. Most people don’t want to see daisies or leopard print on the nails of a mature business professional at the office. If you want to play with a bold or bright color at work, keep it on your toes and go for the lighter complement on your hands.

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